Ms. Scientist celebrates women in science today and looks at the challenges female scientists face trying to advance their careers in Canada. It also explores whether quotas are necessary to attain gender equality in Canada Research Chair positions at universities. The 45 minute documentary will follow female scientists in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec and find out what gets in the way of their advancement.


Why tell this story now?

This story needs to be told now because furthering the careers of women and science is one of the objectives of the Canadian federal government at the moment. In April 2017, Canada’s Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan said she is considering whether quotas are necessary to ensure that women land top research posts in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).


What are the themes?

  • The barriers female scientists face as women in science (e.g., sexual harassment, discrimination/bias, stopping to have a family and reentering the workforce
  • Whether we need quotas in order to achieve gender equality in Canada Research Chair positions
  • The lack of female representation at the higher levels (e.g., Full Professor government and high ranking University positions)
  • The importance of mentoring younger female researchers.


4K and HD

CBC/CBC Documentary Channel

1 x 47 min

Science | Technology

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