The Dinosaur Echo introduces us to unknown boneheads and up-and-coming palaeontologists who are leading research and advancing palaeontology in Alberta and British Columbia.

The Dinosaur Echo is a documentary by Canadian filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk about the renaissance of paleontology in Canada today and what dinosaurs can teach us about climate change. The film introduces us to a new generation of paleontolgists who are making extraordinary dinosaur discoveries in Alberta and British Columbia in Canada.

The Dinosaur Echo is directed, written and produced by Canadian filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk. The documentary was shot in 4K and is available in HD. There are two versions. One is 52 minutes long and the other is 44 mins. The Dinosaur Echo is airing on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and many other channels around the world. For Canadians it is free to watch online here: https://watch.cbc.ca/media/media/absolutely-canadian/the-dinosaur-echo/38e815a-00ce251dea5


4K and HD

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1 x 52 min or 1 x 44 Min

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