8th March 2017 - BBC WORLD TV - The Travel Show

Brandy Yanchyk goes ice-canoeing in Quebec City

“Next we’re traveling over two thousand miles to the east of Canada to try out a sport that has its origins in the country’s past. We sent Brandy Yanchyk to give it a go.” – BBC Travel Show.


8th March 2017 - BBC WORLD TV - The Travel Show

Alberta’s night sky spectacular

“Alberta boasts two of the world’s largest dark sky preserves. The Wood Buffalo and Jasper national parks offer photographers the chance to take some spectacular pictures of the northern lights and the night sky. Astrophotographers Yuichi Takasaka and Ryan Bray talk about their work and share some of the images from their lenses. Directed and produced by Brandy Yanchyk.”


8th April 2015 - BBC WORLD TV - The Travel Show

“The tech and training helping you to survive an avalanche”

“Skiing off-piste can offer the chance to explore pristine powder in a challenging environment, but it also brings risks.
Avalanches can send thousands of cubic metres of snow down a mountain, burying everything – including people – in its path. Brandy Yanchyk travels to British Columbia to find out how to enjoy off-piste sports safely.”


7th February 2015 - BBC WORLD TV - The Travel Show

Learning to Heli-ski in British Columbia for the BBC Travel Show


1st December 2014 - BBC WORLD TV - The Travel Show

My Polar Bear Safari on The TRAVEL SHOW on BBC World TV

The Travel Show on BBC World TV visits the north of Canada to discover if people and polar bears can live alongside each other. Reporter Brandy Yanchyk reports.


30th November 2014 - BBC WORLD TV

“New threat to Canada’s Pacific humpback whales?”

“Once hunted to near extinction, the humpback whales of Canada’s Pacific are back in larger numbers and the Canadian government has downgraded their status from “threatened” to one “of special concern”. However, there are concerns that the whales face new risks from increased oil and natural gas exploration.
Brandy Yanchyk reports from the coast of British Columbia.”


7th November 2013 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

“The aboriginal community using tourism to help preserve its way of life”

“The Haida Gwaii archipelago is on the north-western coast of British Colombia and is home to the Haida people. Like many of Canada’s first nation people, from the 1870s to until the 1970s, children were taken from their parents and sent to boarding and residential schools where their cultural practices and languages were banned. The Canadian government has apologised. But despite what has happened in the past, the Haida culture is thriving. The Haida heritage centre in Skidegate allows tourists to learn about their culture and an art route created throughout Haida Gwaii allows visitors to meet local people. Brandy Yanchyk finds out more.”


23rd August 2013 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

“Could an aerial turf war make cross Canada travel cheaper?”

“Flying domestically in Canada has often been expensive, but now there is a change in the air which could be good news for those wanting to travel by plane. Brandy Yanchyk meets the winners and losers of North America’s latest battle for the skies.”



“Japanese tsunami: what debris is washing up in Canada now?”

“The earthquake and tsunami near a city of Sendai in Japan happened over two years ago.
Around 1.5 million tonnes of debris washed into the ocean by the disasters are expected to reach North American shores.
The odd items – a football and even a Harley Davidson bike – have already arrived.
Brandy Yanchyk went to Flores Island in British Colombia to find out what locals are finding on the west coast of Canada.”


7th February 2013 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

“Hug a tree to be happy”

“The science behind tree hugging in Finland – can it really make you a healthier person? Brandy Yanchyk visits the forest in Koli National Park where some believe nature has healing powers and hugging trees can improve your well-being. Brandy puts the claim to the test.”


January 27th 2012 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Cave diving in New Zealand

“Brandy Yanchyk goes after adventure at the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand abseiling into the black abyss of an underwater river.”

BBC fast:track is the weekly leisure and business TV travel programme broadcast on the BBC World News TV channel to a global audience of more than 303 million homes, reaching 71 million viewers each week.


25th July 2012 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Protecting Tasmania’s pristine nature

“Tasmania is often called one of Australia’s hidden gems – 240km off the south-east corner of mainland Australia and with more than 2,000km of walking trails and 18 national parks.
Tasmania’s isolation from the mainland has also helped to keep many plants, animals and birds that are rare – or even extinct elsewhere – alive.
Brandy Yanchyk discovers how the tiny island balances the impact travellers make on its delicate environment.”


25th May 2012 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

The enduring lure of Anne of Green Gables

Brandy Yanchyk worked as Assistant Producer on this half hour documentary on the Canada Direct series for BBC World TV’s travel show FAST TRACK. Click the link below to see the section of the film about “The enduring lure of Anne of Green Gables”.


25th May 2012 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Nova Scotia’s rich black heritage

Brandy Yanchyk worked as Assistant Producer on this half hour documentary on the Canada Direct series for BBC World TV’s travel show FAST TRACK. Click the link below to see the section of the film about “Nova Scotia’s rich black heritage”.


23rd May 2012 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Newfoundland’s new age of prosperity

Brandy Yanchyk worked as Assistant Producer on this half hour documentary on the Canada Direct series for BBC World TV’s travel show FAST TRACK. Click the link below to see the section of the film about “Newfoundland’s new age of prosperity”.


26th December 2011 - BBC WORLD TV/BBC NEWS ONLINE

Art on an Australian Outback train

“First Person: Painting on a train across the Australian Outback

Greg Fisher is a train manager on a line which crosses Australia from Sydney to Perth. He paints portraits and landscapes as he travels 4,000 km across the Outback on Great Southern Rail. Mr Fisher talked to the BBC’s Brandy Yanchyk describing his journey and what led him to combine art and transport.”


23rd December 2011 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Ultimate thrills from around the world

“Some of Fast Track’s favourite adrenaline rushes from 2011 – Carmen Roberts treks up Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, Tayfun King tries a death-defying mountain bike trail in Bolivia and Amandeep Bhangu reports from the Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Rajan Datar goes chariot riding and Brandy Yanchyk tries ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies.”


19th December 2011 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Heli-hiking in the remote Canadian Rockies

“Brandy Yanchyk experiences a guided heli-hike in the mountains of British Columbia – an adventure which encompasses travelling by zip-lines, climbing a via ferrata, and visiting glaciers.”



Canadian town makes money out of icebergs

“The people of the eastern Canadian fishing town of Twillingate are obsessed with icebergs. The town calls itself the iceberg capital of the world, and tourists are willing to shell out their incomes to visit this small fishing community in May and June when the season for the cold goliaths is booming. Icebergs also help keep Twillingate’s economy alive after the local cod fishing industry was shut down. Brandy Yanchyk visited the town to find out how it is cashing in on its icy visitors.”


29th March 2011 - BBC WORLD NEWS AMERICA

Olga Kotelko: The 91-year-old track star

“The 91-year-old Canadian still winning and breaking records!” Brandy Yanchyk visited Olga Kotelko in Vancouver, British Columbia to hear her story.


23rd March 2011 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Glimpsing the Northern Lights in Yellowknife, Canada

“For some people seeing the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is a lifelong dream.
Every year thousands of tourists travel to Yellowknife, the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories to try to catch a glimpse of this spectacular sight.
Brandy Yanchyk wrapped up warm and looked to the skies for a view of the famous lights.”


7th February 2011 - BBC ON DEMAND

The school at the top of a Canadian ski mountain

“Parents living in a Canadian resort town have created their own independent school on top of a ski mountain after the nearest school to their town closed.

Families in Sun Peaks, British Columbia, were told their children would have to commute two hours a day to reach another school.

Since last September, 19 children aged from five to 10 have made their way up the mountain in Sun Peaks to get to their one-room school house.

Each morning, they take the ski lift to the Discovery Centre school and ski back down home when the day is done.”

The BBC’s Brandy Yanchyk joined pupil 9-year-old Juliet McGauchie for a taste of her regular school day.


4th February 2011 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Learn to ice climb in Canada

“Jasper National Park is listed as one of only 15 Unesco World Heritage Sites in Canada. Skiing and snowboarding dominate the slopes but the park also offers the opportunity to get to grips with frozen waterfalls of ice.
Brandy Yanchyk travelled to the park, located in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, to learn how to ice climb.”


22nd October 2010 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Cowboy Vacation

Brandy Yanchyk gets into the cowboy spirit as she visits the Calgary Stampede, “the greatest outdoor show on Earth” and saddles up at a working Alberta ranch.


14th September 2010 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Arctic safari attracts visitors to Canada

“The frozen wastelands of Canada’s far north have always held an attraction for more adventurous tourists. But with stories about global warming threatening to change the landscape, more people seem to be heading there to get a glimpse of the areas stark, natural beauty before it changes. Brandy Yanchyk went on a Canadian Arctic Safari – travelling through the Hudson Strait going north of the tree line.”


9th July 2010 - BBC ON DEMAND

Chuckwagon racer who saves injured horses from death

“The annual Calgary Stampede gets underway in Alberta, Canada, this weekend, bringing together cowboys for 10 days of rodeo and racing.

Among the most exciting features of the festival are the races between the horse-drawn chuckwagons.

Chuckwagon driver Wayne Knight takes injured horses from all across North America that would usually be killed and helps them to recuperate.

Mr Knight then rehabilitates them so that they can compete in his chuckwagon races – he says that so far he has saved about 500 horses.

Chuckwagon racing is being closely watched this year by animal activists after three horses died at last year’s Stampede.”

The BBC’s Brandy Yanchyk visited Wayne at his farm in Saskatchewan to hear about why he helps to save horses and how he thinks of them as his children.



Volunteering for service at Montreal restaurant

“The aim of Robin des Bois (Robin Hood) Restaurant in Montreal is changing lives one meal at a time. The eatery donates its profits to six local charities and relies heavily on volunteers to keep the operation running. Opened in 2006, there is now a waiting list of those offering to help.
In this first person account, Judy Servay explains to Brandy Yanchyk why in tough times her restaurant has become such a winning proposition.”


27th April 2010 - BBC ON DEMAND

Montreal restaurant takes from rich and gives to poor

“The Montreal restaurant Robin des Bois is trying to live up to its English namesake Robin Hood by taking from the rich and giving to the poor. The people who serve the food and help to prepare it are mostly volunteers. Although the restaurant has 22 employees on the payroll they depend on help from 20 volunteers a day to run the business. They spend their free time working there knowing that all the profits from the restaurant will go to six different local charities. The waiting list of volunteers currently stands at around 3,500. Nadine Saade is a lawyer who helps out at the restaurant.” She explains to Brandy Yanchyk what she gets out of volunteering.”



Insect-lover on his amazing collection

“After giving up his job as a notary, insect-lover Georges Brossard spent decades travelling with his wife to more than 100 different countries collecting insects. When he returned to his native Montreal he donated his collection of nearly 250,000 specimens to the City of Montreal. Now Montreal has opened an Insectarium so that the public can come and see Brossard’s amazing collection. He explained to Brandy Yanchyk why he finds insects so fascinating.”


1st March 2010 - BBC ON DEMAND

Canadians celebrate hockey gold win

“Canada has secured the final gold medal of the Winter Olympics Games after a dramatic win over the United States in the men’s ice hockey. The hosts won more gold medals than any other country.” After the victory, jubilant Canadians gave their reaction to Brandy Yanchyk in Vancouver.”


19th February 2010 - BBC WORLD TV

Fast Track: goes dogsledding

“With the Winter Olympics in full swing, we sent fast:track reporter Brandy Yanchyk to try her hand at a most Canadian way of getting around – dogsled.”


11th February 2010 - BBC WORLD NEWS AMERICA

Making the Olympic medals

“The medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics have been designed by an Aboriginal Canadian called Corrine Hunt. She spoke to reporter Brandy Yanchyk about the inspiration behind her designs.”


1st January 2010 - BBC WORLD TV/BBC ON DEMAND

Canada’s Aboriginal snowboard team

“The Winter Olympics are coming to Vancouver in 2010 – an event being celebrated with the establishment of a First Nations Snowboard team. Reporter Brandy Yanchyk met the founder of the First Nations Snowboard Team, Aaron Marchant in Vancouver.”


14th October 2009 - BBC WORLD TV's travel show Fast:Track

Fast Track: In Canada

“Brandy Yanchyk heads to Calgary, Alberta in the search for dinosaur fossils” for BBC World TV’s travel show Fast Track.


21st August 2009 - BBC WORLD TV

Scottish earl retraces Canada trip

“A Scottish earl retraces the travels of his great-great grandfather regarded as the first European tourist to travel through Western Canada..”


3rd October 2008 - BBC WORLD TV

The time-sellers of Greenwich

“One Greenwich family provided Greenwich Time to paying customers across London for more than a century. Brandy Yanchyk reports.”


23rd September 2008 - BBC WORLD TV

Refugees move from desert to ice

“Palestinian refugees who had been camped on the Iraqi-Syrian border have been given a new home in Iceland.”


5th September 2008 - BBC WORLD TV

Art lovers like it small

“Tiny street installations – or urban art – are impressing and amusing art-lovers at a gallery in London with artist Slinkachu.”



Toronto addicts get makeovers

“A makeover project in Toronto, Canada is helping women fighting to get off drugs turn their lives around.”


22nd April 2008 - BBC WORLD NEWS AMERICA

Better than Indiana Jones

“Film’s most famous archaeologist Indiana Jones will soon be back on-screen but one woman puts him in the shadows.”