Seeing the USA is a travel documentary series exploring iconic experiences in the United States of America.

Brandy Yanchyk’s travel documentary series, Seeing the USA will connect viewers to iconic experiences that the USA has to offer. Viewers will experience the USA’s iconic nature, thrilling adventures and unique, varied culture through Brandy’s eyes.

These experiences are adventurous in nature, making for great television! Rather than focus on current events, Seeing the USA will focus on the vibrant cities, culinary delights, world-class attractions, unique characters and natural wonders of the USA.

Through Brandy’s charm, sense of humor and curiosity, the audience will have the chance to learn something new about even the most familiar of destinations. Through her bold, adventurous spirit, we will be inspired to take an adventure ourselves. Through her compassion and sensitivity, we will see all the strands that make the USA worth seeing.


4K and HD


2 X 26’46 (more in production)


Episode Descriptions

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1. Alaska

Brandy Yanchyk starts her journey of Alaska in Anchorage where she visits the Alaska Native Heritage Centre. She then sees Alaska from the sky in a floatplane from Lake Hood. Next she travels by train to Denali National Park and Preserve to see it’s iconic nature and famous mountain Denali. In Seward Brandy boards a cruise and explores Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Haines and Ketchikan.


2. oregon

Brandy Yanchyk starts her journey in Oregon in Portland where she learns about the Maker movement and craft beer. Then she travels to Albany to ride and carve at Albany's Historic Carousel Museum. Next she goes on an ATV excursion through Deschutes National Forest and learns to be a cattle rancher in Fossil. She finishes her trip in Pendleton where she learns how to make cowboy boots and visits the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute.


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