Dino Trails reveals the latest dinosaur discoveries in Canada that are making headlines around the world and explains why these locations are famous.

Dino Trails is a documentary series about the communities in Alberta and British Columbia, which have emerging and thriving dinosaur tourism experiences. The series will reveal the latest new discoveries of dinosaurs and fossils that are making headlines in these areas and explain why these locations are world famous. 


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5 x 12 Min

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Episode Descriptions


1. The Dinosaur Expert

Meet world-famous paleontologist Philip J. Currie and learn how he is inspiring the next generation of fossil hunters in Dinosaur Provincial Park.


2. The Royal Tyrrell Museum

Journey to the Royal Tyrrell Museum, where its collections are devoted to paleontology, and meet the dinosaur enthusiasts and paleontologists behind new fossil discoveries.


3. The Fossil Hunter

Roam the wilds of southern Alberta with Wendy Sloboda, fossil hunter extraordinaire! Discover her methods and meet her greatest find, the Wendiceratops, in the Royal Ontario Museum.


4. Northern Alberta's Dinosaur Discoveries

Discover dinosaur footprints in a coal mine in Grande Cache and meet the Pachyrhinosaurus in Grande Prairie. Learn northern Alberta’s fossil history at the new Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.


5. British Columbia's Dinosaur Frontier

Journey to northern British Columbia to discover dinosaur footprints at the Six Peaks Dinosaur Track Site and see how new fossils are being uncovered in Tumbler Ridge.

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